The difference between villa furniture and regular furniture

If you have ever browsed through magazines which focus on styling, architecture and interior decoration of villas, you would find a significant amount of difference between your regular household furniture and villa furniture. Whether it is Italian, Spanish, German or French villas, the styling and design of villa furniture is different – more of a temperate and contemporary style than the usual. Villas are generally considered designs based on older buildings or in other words, remnants of the past. Therefore, people deem it necessary to use furniture styling based on the same period as the villas to do complete justice to the villa design.

Furniture style

The first step in getting villa furniture would be to choose the furniture style. There are so many different styles in the market that it might actually get a bit confusing sometimes. There is the occasionally seen Mediterranean design with Spanish-styled furniture pieces, the Italian furniture with delicate parts and amazingly embellished legs and arms, the contemporary older designs canvassed in a new package with chrome looks, and finally the farmhouse country design.


You may think of the whole villa as a sort of a theme. It is necessary to see to that every villa has its own theme and color combination. Picking villa furniture requires you to match the color of the furniture with the color of the inside walls while outdoor furniture has to go well with the other decors and the plantation.

The floor and the ceiling

An interior designer would tell you that the design of the villa furniture you’re going for depends entirely on the size of the room, the design of the floor, and the height and design of the ceiling. Complex as it may seem, these factors determine the color of the furniture and the design. For instance, a high ceiling may go well with high-raised chairs and a larger sized dining table.


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