French Villa Furniture – Interior and Exterior design

It has been stated in most interior design and architecture magazines that the French houses are some of the best designs that have ever been conceived. More exquisite and phenomenal are French villas with their remarkable design in a fine concoction of olden blueprints and modern building methods spruced up with a bit of technology. If you think about how awesome it would be to look in those marvelous French windows and see a fine mélange of authentic French villa furniture, you would understand their significance. The best thing for you to do would be to check out villas by Le Corbusier and examine the French villa furniture models that he places in his designs.

Glass furniture

Those of you who have had the chance to see French villas would know that the French love their glass. Glass doors, windows and even walls in some cases are not unusual. This goes without saying that French villa furniture models look good with glass tops. A typical shade of mahogany or ebony or rosewood along with a glass top would be the epitome of perfection.

No cluttering

To maintain the authentic spirit of the French, it is necessary to keep the number of French villa furniture pieces to a minimum. Any French house design is likely to have a lot of free space for movement. It is also a fact that too much of furniture tends to decrease the ventilation of the house area. Having a few lounges increases the authenticity of the French style.


Because of the fact that the French love their food and hence their kitchens, it is necessary for you to style your kitchen perfectly with French villa furniture. High chairs, glass top tables, small end tables and center tables are perfect for the dining space. A fairly large dining table marks the center of the dining room.


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