Dedon Furniture - Sturdy and Beautiful

Dedon furniture offers a dazzling range of indoor and outdoor furniture in the trademark Dedon fiber.  Stunning designs combine with unparalleled quality to produce furniture that can stand the tests of sun, sand and sea. They have 27 different collections from which you can choose your dining tables, beach chairs/chaises, daybeds, chairs|benches and lounging/low seating. Not to mention their innovative and incredibly beautiful signature pieces.

Collection and Products

Dedon currently offers 27 different collections namely, Barcelona, Daydream, Hemisphere, Leaf, Green, Lounge, Mangrove, Marrakesh, Mu, Nestrest, Obelisk, Orbit, Panama, Parasol, Play with Dedon, Pontoon, Satellite, Seashell, Slim Line, Slim Line D.D.C., Spa, Stream, Summer Cloud, Tango, Tribeca, Yin Yang and Zofa. Each of these collections offered by Dedon furniture has a particular theme and all of them offer tables, chairs, benches and daybeds.

Customizing your Dedon Furniture

Each collection has a set of standard weave patterns and optional patterns that are associated with each color. Normally standard patterns and colors take less time for delivery but non-standard weaves are also possible if a minimum order quantity is met. Fabric cushions that make your seating more comfortable are also available. They come in different sizes and in a variety of fabrics such as silk, polyester, acrylic, tweed, curl and leather. They also work with the fabric that the customer provides. The tables offered by Dedon furniture are available with glass, ceramic, porcelain stonewear etc. on the top.

Quality Standards

Stringent quality standards are maintained right from the manufacture of the fiber to the finishing touches of the cushions. This quality guarantee ensures that Dedon furniture is long lasting and durable without compromising on the style or design. Each piece is hand woven taking care to ensure that there is absolutely no wastage at any point in the process of manufacturing.


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